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hair tinsel near me

Hair Tinsel

Tinsel is a great way to spice up your hair without all the commitment. These beautiful little strands are totally heat and water safe so no need to change your hair routine or sacrifice styles you love. Since each piece of tinsel is tied to one or two hairs, they are able to be in braids or buns too! It's hard to guess how long each will stay, but we've had tinsel stay in for as long as three months. With prices starting at only $10, tinsel is the perfect add-on to your next service!

Subtle Glow

You don't have to go all out to stand out! We love it when our clients see the tinsel and add a few pieces to have fun. There's nothing like watching sunlight bounce off tinsel when is scattered throughout a beautifully colored head of hair!

Full On Festival

Even if there isn't a festival in your future, nothing is stopping you from going all out with the glitter! Whether it's added to an extension piece for a removable accessory, or tied to your hair for a more permanent fashion statement.   

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