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An easy and beautiful way to add length, density, and pops of color. 

From tape-ins, hand-tied, beaded weft, I-tip,  and keratin tips... each technique is customized to fit your lifestyle, hair needs/goals, and budget!


Book a consultation today to answer all your questions and make a plan for your hair transformation. We have many different styles of hair extensions in stock and available for same-day appointments.


Transform your hair with



Beautiful hair is good for the soul!


It's not just about the after photos. (Of course, we care about that too) The health and integrity of your hair are the MOST IMPORTANT. 

We want you to feel confident that when you make an investment in yourself, you're being invested in too! 




The first step to having the hair you've always wanted.

This is a required step in order to move forward with the extension process! A thorough consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss what it will take to get the hair of your dreams.


 During your consultation, the total price for the service will be determined.

The total cost of your service will reflect: 

 ♡ What steps we need to take to reach our hair goals. 

♡ Your current hair color, and condition.

♡  Your goal for length and thickness.

♡ The method used. 

 ♡ Custom coloring of extensions, if needed.

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Preparing for your appointment

With hair extensions, proper preparation both before and after your appointment is necessary.  

You will need to arrive at your appointment with: 

♡ Clean and dry hair. 

♡ Absolutely no product in the hair. This includes any oils, styling products, or conditioners. 

Come to your appointment ready to take notes! We value education during our services and will make sure to leave knowing how to properly style and care for your new extensions. 

At Home Care


The products you use after your extension install is SO important.

At your install appointment, your stylist will provide a list of suggested products to use for longevity and damage-free hair. Best of all, we have plenty of them in stock for you! 



We love all extensions here, but our favorite kind? HEALTHY extensions. 

When you are in the salon for your appointment, we will give you all the how-to on keeping your extensions looking fresh and healthy. 

Some tips we have include:

♡ Brush your extensions every day both before and after you go to sleep. 

♡ Never go to sleep with wet extensions. 

♡ Sleep in "protective styles" like braids or twists. 

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Same hair one year later with proper maintenance and color fade.
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Are hair extensions damaging?

No! If you take proper care of the extensions they will not be damaging. 

Extension Q+A

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How long do they last?

8 months to a year with proper care- coming in for maintenance every 4-6 weeks is very important! 

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Am I a good candidate for hair extensions?

Let's book a consultation and see! We will always do what's best for the integrity of our client's hair. A consultation allows us to go in-depth about your hair goals and the best options for the health of your hair.  

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